Hello Winter!

By Emma Jansen

After years of an upward trending housing market, it is no secret that things are different now. The question most often asked of us these days is “Hows the market?”. Well, apart from the obvious flattening and in a lot of areas, falls, there are good opportunities available to make the best of the situation and it really comes down to good advice and good decision making.

Getting good advice starts with a good decision to hire the right property expert. One who not only knows their local market intimately but has a track record of results that matter.

What matters at the moment are numbers. Your chosen consultant should be able to provide you with their average “days on market” and how that relates to the rest of the industry in your area.  If the days on market they quote you is the same as the industry median then you might want to look elsewhere for advice.

Ray White Carpenter Realty currently has a median days on market of 27, where the industry median for this area is 57. 63% of our vendors see a sold sign within six weeks and 86% sell within eight weeks. This is so very important right now, in a market where 68% of listings on remain unsold after six weeks.

Why? In a market that is slowing the last thing a vendor wants is their listing to become stale. Properties in any market are like bread, they are best when fresh.

A marketing consultant with a carefully articulated plan to get you sold and the results and credibility to back it up is the one you want on your team. Give us a call if you’re thinking of selling.

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