Ray White Night – Landlord Event 2016

By Shelly Maddren

Thursday, 3rd November, saw nearly 100 Ray White franchisees across New Zealand join forces for our inaugural ‘Ray White Night – Landlord Event’.

Thank you to those who came alone to the Glenfield evening. The idea for the event came from our network noticing that many investors across the country were not properly aware or up to date with all the legislative changes we have faced throughout 2016.

We had some excellent speakers on the night and hope you all enjoyed the evening. A special thanks to Rebecca McCallum from the Loan Market Team and  Jay McEaney from C.A.S.
(Compliance Advisory Services).

Well done to our Property Management Team, Stephanie Hanlon, Viv Brill, Dalia Halaby and Liam Collett on a wonderful, relaxed  and
informative event

Ray White Glenfield—North Harbour Realty Limited (Licensed (REAA 2008)
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